Privacy Policy


Journal is an open-source project. Journal comes in two flavours, you can either use our hosted version and sign up on the website or download it and install it on your own server. In both flavours, we do not track your activity or share your data.

Information that we store

When you register for an account on, We ask you to provide your email address so that we can contact you about your account if necessary. During registration, the password provided is encrypted using the Argon2id algorithm before it is stored in our database.

We make use of cookies after you sign in to to allow the overall usability of the platform. Without the use of cookies, we would not be able to keep you logged in.

Entries stored in the database are stored with AES-256 encryption with your password as the encryption key. This means that each entry cannot be decrypted without your password. This is also why we cannot facilitate a password reset, because we cannot decrypt your stored entries then apply new encryption with a new password. Entry titles are not encrypted by design to enable the possibility for you to search for your entries in your account.


We do not display adverts or use third-party analytics such as Google Analytics to track your activity on our website. All the data you enter to Journal solely belongs to you, and we ask you to respect your local laws when using our services. Although it is very unlikely, we may need to disclose your data to the local law enforcement authorities should they come to us with a court order.

Closing your account

You are able to close your account through your account settings page within The moment you do this, everything related to your account is deleted from our systems, and we won't be able to restore your account. Our database has an hourly backup retention which phases out backups within 1 week. These backups exist in case of hardware failures. This means your deleted account will be present in our backups for a maximum of 1 week before it is completely removed from our systems.

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